Yukon Consultants works on the principles of honesty, integrity and customer service excellence. As an Internationally renowned executive recruitment firm, we've spent many years matching exceptional individuals, with companies in need of sound leadership.

We're proud to have partnered with top tier businesses globally, and have been actively involved in their umprecedented growth and expansion over the years.

our devotion to personalized customer solutions, has made us the popular choice for high powered businesses, for over three decades. At Yukon Consultants our sole goal has always been to exceed the expectations of our demanding client base.

That's why we've focused on streamlining our recruitment processes-for prompt service,expert-level sourcing and ideal candidate placement. When you partner with us, we take special care to document and discuss each requirement, to improve our chances of finding you a top tier to work.

we're confident that our speed, efficiency and professionalism will result in a highly successful placement at your company. Yukon Consultant's likes to check in on successful placements, to make sure that everything is going as planned. For this reason, we contact you after three months-and invite all feedback from both parties about the experience.

The relationships that we form with our clients extend beyond the recruiting process. That's how we've managed to nurture long term relationships with clients from many niches. If you're looking for a recruitment company that will guide you through every stageofthe hiring process, contact Yukon Consultants today. We're your partner in client sourcing, hiring and long term executive placement.

Suitability is our main priority at this stage, and that means compiling an extensive profile of each candidate. We also update their resumes, and add a personalized appraisal of their career, including their strengths, weaknesses and any other relevant talents that wouldbebeneficial in their new workplace. Once the shortlist has been compiled, we take it even further. On request, we test each candidate using an advanced psychometric evaluation process, which determines suitability on a greaterlevel.

Finally when all evaluations are complete-we hand youthe information. You are then able to make an educated decision about the selection process. The Interview and Hiring Process Yukon Consultants involvement doesn't end at the shortlist. To guarantee suitability, we also facilitate the one-on-one interviews between you and the candidates. By briefing both parties before the meet, communication during the interview is enhanced. Once it's over, we are able to discuss any concerns raised from the candidate and from ourclient.

If required, we are able to negotiate the compensation package for our clients, to ensure both parties achieve apositive end result.

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