Payroll Management Service

Organizations chasing an aggressive growth strategy have lots of things to worry about. The least they would want to be bothered about are challenges related to some operational, yet mandatory processes, like running consistent and error-free payroll for its employees.

With 9 years of payroll experience serving diverse clientele, Yukon Consultants, with its Significant investments in technology, is uniquely positioned to offer end-to-end services in payroll processing. We offer complete outsourced payroll services, from basic payroll calculations, statutory compliances, facilitating transparent employee communication while ensuring complete confidentiality we do it all for our clients.

We are able to do this, leveraging our award-winning technology, proven processes and over a decade of expertise, exclusively focused on the payroll domain. We are committed to provide hassle-free, accurate and timely payroll consistently.
Yukon Consultants, through our highly customizable and robust back-end payroll engines, offer complete automation while offering managed payroll services to our clients.


Each organization faces a huge challenge when it comes to employee communication related to payroll.
Traditional forms of communication tend to be hierarchical, are highly fragmented and consume lots of time. "my-Payroll" - web based self-service portal offers a solution to all these challenges for both employees and HR/Finance teams.

With "my-Payroll" from Yukon Consultants, it is now possible for your employees to gain complete clarity on their payslip and tax details. All of this is made possible by a personalized and interactive interface, that delivers a superlative user experience.

Yukon provides access to "my-Payroll" through mobile app as well. Employees can use app to access their personal records, payslip and payroll details. It provides easy and secure access to personal records anywhere, anytime.

  • "my-Payroll" as web Based Self Service Portal
  • Hosted on Dedicated Servers
  • Available 24*7 With Unique Login Credentials
  • Self-Explanatory/Interactive Tabs
  • Role Based Access
  • Access your payslip on mobile app "mypayroll" anywhere, anytime

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