Our Consulting Strategy

Strategy is about making choices, trade-offs; it's about deliberately choosing to be different. Yukon’s Consulting Strategy Model is based on the following approach

Communications Planning

Communications planning will help your organization avoid over-saturation of your message, ensure consistency and deliver communication that has the right impact to the right audience. We are a very special team of people that understand this discipline. We believe that every campaign should be developed within the context of insightful briefings, crystal clear messaging, testing and prioritization. Yukon’s approach to communication strategy is founded on return on investment. Our recommendations and messaging are driven by insights gleaned from hard evidence.

Behavioural Modelling

The basis for our insights rests with our approach to marketing and our proprietary P3 (Path to Purchase Profiling) that we have spent years building and evolving. Our P3 modelling, along with our experience, tells us that individuals are pre-disposed to certain personality traits that for the most part remain with them throughout their life. This impacts every aspect of a person’s day-to-day life and how they react to messaging, demonstrating profound implications for communications and marketing. We can help you identify the most likely purchasers for your product or service and recommend language, images and messaging that will speak directly to that group.

Strategic Planning

The key to developing any successful marketing strategy lies in its planning. Yukon’s strategic market planning methodology includes the following seven phases:

We collect and document your organization’s idea for the plan, including vision, key objectives and goals, timelines, challenges and opportunities.

Our approach invests heavily in the up-front understanding and identification of your organization’s internal and external informational stores ensuring that we have as much information as is available.

Key stakeholder interviews:
This is extremely effective for getting an in-depth understanding of how key people inside (or outside) the organization feel toward different aspects of the strategy.

Gap analysis:
Once we get a full understanding of your organization’s knowledge base (through discovery as well as interviews with key stakeholders) we determine what informational gaps exist.

Strategic market research:
We review all information currently available through discovery as well as key stakeholder interviews and build a research strategy.

Drafting the plan:
Upon completion of the research phase we write a plan that ties directly back to the requirements of the kick-off.

Review and finalize:
Finally, we review the plan with your organization to gaurantee it meets the requirements of the kick-off phase and make any adjustments to the plan if needed.


In order to arrive where you want to go in terms of strategic planning, facilitation is both an art and a science.
A facilitated session is a structured meeting in which the facilitator guides the participants through a process to arrive at a result that is created, understood and accepted by all participants who will ultimately be champions of the result.
In our experience, we recognize that the answers lie within the participants, and our task is to bring out these ideas to help organizations create their own future.
We bring together a group of very talented and experienced professionals who know how to focus people’s combined insights and expertise.

The process is hard work but the goal is always synergy.

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