Organization stumbles when the wrong executives are hired. Wrong Hire can derail a Healthy Organization. It is a business cost that is mislaid because of the waste of time, resources, social capital, and opportunity. Market mapping is the tool to be certain that you’re going to employ the best possible person in the world for the position and be assured of company’s success.

What is market mapping? It is a process that works to help determine future talent needs, assess the viability of your current staff to meet those needs, source high-potential players in your field for future recruitment, and develop a strategic plan to fill identified skills and talent gaps.

Yukon’ s Market mapping and Executive search:
We Discover, Design and Deliver business and technology solutions that fit your needs and drive the results you want. We make every engagement ‘Brilliantly simple’.

We take market mapping process beyond hiring. We provide a robust map of your competitors within defined target Industry, organization, function, level, salary, previous experience, education and a complete snapshot of their career progression. By Scoping out your competition, we give real-time feedback on employer brand, real current positioning of potential candidates and help you to identify who to hire now, and who you might want to revisit at a later date. We provide solutions to fill the holes in the talent map. With a focused, data-driven approach and rational and consistent Talent Mapping strategy, we identify right fit to map the talent.

We Create robust candidate pipelines by gathering information on key metrics, and provide crucial insights to a company’s needs and challenges.

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