Are you willing to automate the user account lifecycle and ensure role-based access to corporate resources, or even more importantly to monitor access of different user groups to sensitive data? Applying IBM Security Identity and Access Manager, Yukon Consultants helps clients implement identity and access controls to answer security and compliance needs.

Thanks to the properly configured identity and access management solutions, Yukon Consultants's customers benefit from:

  • Automated user account lifecycle (user account creation and modification, approval by responsible parties, password management and others)
  • Compliance with the separation-of-duty model
  • Secure access to web applications
  • Monitoring user activities
  • Protecting sensitive enterprise data and more

Our services include:

  • Deploying a solution in the customer’s infrastructure
  • Configuring system to automate the user account lifecycle
  • Defining automation workflow
  • Creating a policy-based role model
  • Developing customized connectors to integrate the solution with target systems
  • Integrating the solution in line with the predefined scenarios

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