Our team at Yukon operate globally. This means each worker must approach his or her work from a universal and interdisciplinary perspective. After all, networks that extend across national borders are the key to long-term success. We speak from experience.

For this reason, we produce our solutions not only across Canada but also across the globe, at four major hubs – in The USA, UAE,UK and India. Being on site everywhere enables us to give our customers around the world the best-possible support.

Our own network of office locations allows us to offer a full international reach to our clients. With over 50 specialist consultants and 7 different languages spoken across the company, we work collaboratively across our international offices to ensure we deliver a tailored, quality service.

Many of Yukon’s international clients have planned for the future by seeking to achieve long term growth in emerging markets. As a result Yukon has been instrumental in assisting clients build new business units in key strategic markets such as Asia, the Americas, and the UAE. Yukon now has dedicated teams responsible for the UAE, Asia-Pacific, US and Latin American regions.

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