Enterprise Software Testing

Testing enterprise solutions can be challenging, particularly when determining the right mix of approaches to apply within tight cost and schedule constraints. Effective testing can enable sound decisions about production readiness and ineffective testing can be costly, either because of excessive testing or undetected defects that can lead to downtime and support issues.

When developing their test processes, enterprises should consider the following factors:
  • Who will perform the testing
  • Combinations of possible configurations to be tested or bypassed
  • A strategy for developing test cases
  • The sequence of test phases (serial or parallel)
  • When to start and complete testing
  • Appropriate measurements of product quality
  • Appropriate measurements of test efficiency and adequacy
  • Tools to help manage the test process and improve its efficiency
  • A defect management system and strategy

Yukon’s testing services allow customers to gain confidence that their Enterprise software functions as intended, and accomplishes the Business requirements it was designed for.

Yukon’s Enterprise Application Testing services allow businesses to accelerate the time to market and significntly improve the quality of their mobile solutions, at a reasonable price point.

Our Enterprise development and Testing experience allows us to effectively identify any development or bug related issues and reduce the total Quality Assurance time, as well as the cost of testing.

Yukon’s Enterprise Application Test Strategy The Yukon’s Enterprise Test Process (TEPT) consists of iterative verification for each level of product integration and complexity.

A certain amount of repetitive testing will be built into the test model to help ensure that previously tested features and functionality are not adversely affected by product and code changes during the test cycle.

Knowing when to apply various testing techniques and methods in the test process is fundamental to the testing success. In addition, testing should enhance product quality while minimizing resource costs and time to market.

Our recommended test phases and approach to testing is listed in the figure below.

Tools we use

At Yukon we are equipped with a highly skilled team of Enterprise Application Testing professionals.
Having a well skilled Enterprise development team in-house affects the quality of our testing as well, as our testers are able to leverage those in-house skills when dealing with tough bugs. We utilize a variety of, best of the breed mobility testing tools like Selenium, Sencha, SilkPerformer etc.

What We Have Done for Others

Yukon’s Enterprise Testing has produced dramatic results for a range of global customers by using automation, standardization, and reusable components to improve the efficiency and accuracy of their testing processes. In particular, we have
  • Reduced costs by more than 30% for a large Financial Institution by automating their test efforts and moving their testing to a specialized Testing Center of Excellence.
  • Reduced overall test cycle time by up to 20% for a large Telecom company by using reusable/reengineered testing components and introducing a risk-based testing framework.

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