Yukon Consultants brings its several years of experience in BI & Data Science to deliver custom software to help you gain a clear perspective on data and effectively evaluate your business performance.


We extensively work with our clients from diverse industries to create reports and charts that provide more visibility into opportunities and trends in the following key areas:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Service quality
  • Costs
  • Financials
  • Industry-specific areas (see details below)


Every industry requires a different approach to data analytics. Our business intelligence consultants are well-versed in addressing the specifics of each of the following:

Healthcare Analyzing the data coming from personal communication between patients and physicians can be challenging. Our consultants are ready to cover your strategic needs, from measuring each patient’s outcomes to balancing quality care with moderate costs.

Telecommunications To ensure our clients make more accurate decisions, we offer detailed metrics and reports to handle ARPU analysis, evaluate the quality of service, track subscriber behavior and increase retention.

Retail Out-competing your rivals takes a solid analysis from both the upper and lower level of management. For this, our consultants help you gain more data about your vendors, store space and category management .

Banking and Financial Services Our business intelligence consultancy team will help you analyze dependencies and correlations in your customer and market data to support your decisions in asset, liability and risk management.

Manufacturing Our consultants set up advanced analytical techniques to assist your employees in watching over your brand health, planning trade promotion campaigns more precisely, and controlling production volume leaps and contribution margin.


User Interface Level. By offering you relevant information as interactive dashboards, charts and reports, our BI consulting service allows to highlight dependencies and relevant findings in your internal processes.

Technologies we use:
  • Microsoft SQL Reporting Services
  • Oracle Business Intelligence
  • SAS
  • IBM Cognos
  • Microsoft Excel
  • MicroStrategy
  • Custom front-end environment

OLAP Cubes Level.

Our consultants assemble this level for each client to back up their business intuition. Online analytical processing cubes can offer you multiple ways to display data facts in various dimensions to emphasize the details that make a groundbreaking impact. Technologies we use:
  • Microsoft SQL Analysis Services
  • Oracle Business Intelligence
  • IBM Cognos
  • MicroStrategy

Data Warehouse Level. A data warehouse is always at the heart of BI solutions. Our consultants enable ETL processes (Extract – Transform - Load) to pull data from enterprise systems such as ERP, CRM and industry-specific ones for further analysis.
Technologies we use:
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • SAS
  • Oracle Business Intelligence

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